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Post  jlidden on Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:32 am

Name: Jason

In Game Name: Evilkiller


Time Online (state Timezone please): GMT+ 9:30 i live in australia

Time Played: to be honest ive only just come across this server
What can you do to help us? i came to this server to try as a GM, what i can do to help is bring some of my mates across to check out the server, if i make GM i will do tickets, problem solveing, issues, what ever im told to do
Any Prior experiance? basicly ive had 1-2 months as a GM and i went to another server and become a part time admin i had accsess to the DB but i have been on other servers as a Gm aswell
Brief history
well ive mostly played on wowscape it use to be number 1# server but any way i played that then when i worked out the game i seeked out one of my frieands and he made me GM on one of his servers, which enabled mee to have 1-2 months experance or more, and off that topic if you ment about my self im kinda a computer nerd i dont know much but i can build a computer..

thanks for reading my application i hope i can be a help to your team and provide a sucsessful server for future burningblivionwow players Smile


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my GM application Empty Re: my GM application

Post  Sephiroth on Sat Apr 04, 2009 11:57 pm

Denied, Please at least have logged in before posting an app.

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